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Life Lately - November 27, 2013 //


I have been working like a madwoman.

I’ve got a joint mini e-book about to come out for newsletter subscribers, my e-course I’m working on, some e-courses I’m taking myself, a few small projects I’m wrapping up, renewals for several clients coming up, and some business blogging I’m scheduling for the rest of the year.

Also, I’ve heard there’s a holiday or something coming up?

I’ve really been pushing to get things done, since I’m between design/development projects at the moment. I know as soon as those start up again I’m going to be too busy (tired) to dedicate the time needed to creating my e-course.

And I want some passive income!

Currently, I don’t make money when I’m not directly working on a project, so going on vacation or taking any kind of a break is like saying goodbye to a paycheck.

So my goal for 2014, is going to be to make $500 in passive income each month.

Which isn’t really THAT much, but would be enough to help put my mind at ease a bit if I wanted to take a week off.

If I reach that goal, I’d love to be making $1,000+ in passive income each month, but that seems a bit lofty considering I’m currently making $0.

But the other thing is, that I am REALLY enjoying creating this e-course. I haven’t been this psyched about anything I’ve worked on in ages. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the designs I’ve done in the past few months, but this e-course is just something I can get lost in for hours while I tweak and record and figure out the best way to show how to do something.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. In a perfect world I’d have dual monitors so I could write a script and have it on one screen, while I’m recording the other–that would cut down considerably on the amount of retakes I have to do, and would ensure I hit all the points I want to talk about.

But I’m REALLY pleased with how this course is turning out, and so I’m excited to share it!

Pretty sure there will be many more e-courses in my future!


Anthony turned 29 yesterday. We had a low-key day that wasn’t very exciting, but was nice. Well, except for the fact that he decided to go for a bike ride and fell off halfway through. Then he had to bike back 10 miles bleeding all over the place. This is exactly why I don’t go outside.

He’s fine now. Just some flesh wounds.

I’ve been feeling really blah physically lately. I had a cold over the weekend, but that cleared up, but just in general I’ve been feeling gross. I need to get back into the habit of working out, but my routine has been disrupted for so long that I’m really struggling. I haven’t really gained weight, but feel like I’m losing muscle and just all-around don’t feel my best. I’m making working out a priority starting in December.

I’m making eating better a priority starting in January.

I mean, it’s the holidays. I’m going to try to eat better throughout the week, but I’m still going to enjoy all the delicious meals and treats that come with the holiday season.

Tomorrow we’re going to Matt and Kari’s for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it!

But now, it’s time for some Netflix, maybe some stretching (if I can force myself), and then bed! I’m beat, and I’ve been on my computer working for nearly 11 hours straight!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and Happy Hanukkah!


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    There’s a reason I love doing what I do :) Figuring out how best to show things is something I do on a daily basis; you sometimes take it for granted when you’ve spent months describing how to show lines flowing in an electrical schematic, but sometimes you get to do some really cool things! I’m going to check in on your progress a little later on today!

    Re: Working out – OH MAN. I hear ya! I had a foot injury in the summer, so had to stop running and doing body pump. Then, we had the wedding, then I got sick – it’s just been a trainwreck of a time for being in shape. However, I have started back to body pump once a week (I want to get back up to three times per week), and I’ve had a smattering of once-a-week dodgeball, but I’m still not in nearly as good shape as I was when I was running 30-40k/week. My plan was to run a full marathon this coming May, but that may turn into another half with a full in August. Good grief…I smell some New Years resolutions!

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    Thanks for the goal inspiration Erin. I’m definitely going to try and make passive income a 2014 goal of mine too! Nothing like being able to relax and still feel at ease about the bank account. Good luck with your e-course!

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