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Hey! How’s it going? Life has been busy lately. Work has me a bit swamped–in both good and bad ways. I am not getting the response I hoped for with my website packages in B-School, though I’ve gotten ALL sorts of requests for help with code issues, maintenance, etc. I like these types of jobs, but they’re harder for me to schedule and are typically things that people need a quick turn-around on, so I’m trying to figure out a way to offer these services in a way I can plan my days around.

Oh, and that collage of my “amazing” painting skills above is the clever solution I came up with to cover that ugly cable coming out of our wall. I got sick of staring at it during my Netflix marathons. Speaking of which, in “real life” I’ve been marathoning CSI:NY on Netflix and not doing a lot else. The weather has been iffy–seems like it’s nice during the week and cold on the weekends. Of course. So I haven’t been wanting to go out and do a lot. Sometimes it’s nice to just be lazy though.

Some asshole stole Anthony’s bike last night outside his work, so now we’re trying to see if we can get insurance to help cover it. It’s turning into quite a hassle, but is really pretty important since it’s how he gets to/from work every day. He had to spend a few hours last night waiting for the cops to show up so he could file a report–we don’t think they’ll find it (let’s be honest, not a top priority for them), but need the report for the insurance claim. Why do people have to suck?

This weekend Anthony and I will be celebrating my birthday a bit early (it’s the 25th) and heading to Boulder–we may or may not be scouting locations and doing research for a secret business idea while we’re there.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. says

    Ugh someone stole my awesome mountain bike once (it was sorta my fault for leaving it out in North Philly for 2 nights), but still. People suck. It balances the people that are way too awesome I guess.

    And this weekend is catching up with work and life as usual. Bleh!

    • says

      No! That sucks! Yeah, there are some awesome people, so I guess it balances out–but it’s still so frustrating!

      Do you work on the weekends? I spent all weekend completely ignoring my emails as an early birthday gift to myself! I typically try not to check emails but end up doing it anyhow, but finally made it a whole 48 hours without checking this weekend!

  2. Bonnie Kaiser says

    Oh man…it sounds like the Abrahms! But at least at the Abrahms you usually got it back. I like the painting! Have a great birthday!

    • says

      haha! True! I used to wake up and see notes from a few people that were like “Hey! I took your bike because I slept in! Hope that’s okay!” and I’m like, “but I just slept in because I have a bike…” and then I’d have to run to work. :\ lol

      Thank you!

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