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Vintage jackets and sweaters

While not technically handmade, I decided to include some vintage items in my wardrobe project. Vintage is great because it can be like a treasure hunt for the perfect item! Not only that, but it doesn’t support disposable fashion, and is a lot more environmentally friendly than new, mass-produced clothing. Here are a few vintage gems I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe!

Leather jacket from Brag Vintage - I love this jacket! It’s so cozy looking, but also kinda badass. Like you could go to the mall and also fly a spaceship in it. Like a Millennium Falcon or Firefly-type spaceship, not an Enterprise-type spaceship, obviously. Starfleet isn’t cool enough to let their officers wear jackets like this.

Fisherman sweater from Box of Hollyhocks - This sweater is so classic and just kind of screams, “IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! PUT ON A SWEATER YOU IDIOT!” Okay, maybe I’m the only one hearing that, but it’s a pretty sweet sweater.

Yellow sweater tunic from Brag Vintage - I don’t look good in yellow, but if I did, I’d pair this cozy hooded tunic with some leggings and moccasins and look “totes adorbs” in my blog photos with my pigeon-toed stance. If YOU look good in yellow you should buy this because it really does look like it’d be uber-cute on the right person.

Knit green blazer from Vintage Finds by Kat - Okay, I really almost bought this but then realized the color would be horrendous on me (like the cute yellow sweater tunic!). Why must I be attracted to things I look terrible in? Why do all cute things look bad on me? It’s not fair.

Black & white sweater jacket from Bluegrass Voodoo - How cute is this sweater jacket? If I went to an office I’d buy this in a heartbeat. But since I work from home and this would just seem strange with pink plaid pajama pants, I’ll let one of you lucky ducks grab it. You’re welcome.

Brown oversize cardigan from Adie Holly - This sweater just looks so cozy! I’d totally wear this one with my pink plaid pajama pants.

I should probably stop writing commentary about the items I showcase. I sound crazy.

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